Thursday, September 27, 2012

We need to talk about denim

Alright kid, take a seat. It doesn’t matter if your parents had this chat with you or if you saw it on the Internet late one night, either way it’s time to have the talk. Yep, we need to talk about denim kid, because from what you’ve been telling me, you’ve got it all wrong.

Solidified in the 50’s (by style icon James Dean) as what the young badasses wore to come off as both rebellious and sexy, jeans have been a staple in men’s fashion ever since. A staple yes, but still consistently sexy? This guy has to wonder. Guys, some of you have been off your denim game, But fear not, today we’re going to dive into the deep blue (and occasionally other colors) denim pool.

Fit is everything. As I walk to class most afternoons I end up seeing some pretty horrible sights. No, not Lindsay Lohan without makeup, but guys walking around with old baggy, bell bottom, or just plain old ill-fitting jeans. Whether it’s an old pair that fits just right or a new pair that can barely get over your ass, your jeans are there to help show what you've got. Jeans are not sweatpants. Though casual and low-key, they shouldn’t be loose enough that they ripple when the wind blows. That being said, they don’t need to be so tight that you look like you’re in man-leggings (which are never sexy, because hint: rhymes with ludge). Find the fit that you feel comfortable enough in to wear to class, but also cool enough to score free drinks at the bar.

Color. For those of you die hard blue jean fans, I know seeing your normal pair in a different shade can be seizure inducing. But slap yourself to stop the shaking and open your mind to some new below-the-belt choices. My suggestion is never be too bold downstairs. Heavy grays, dark navy blues, and light khakis all add a pop to your legs without making it look like you’re trying too hard.

Not just jeans anymore. The fashion world has been moody with denim over the years, sometimes bowing down kissing its toes and other times treating it like the weird new girl at school. Who’s to say what will be out in a few years, but for now denim’s gettin'’ it in. Denim button ups, and jean jackets are your easiest route. With the button ups play with tone (light, medium, dark, and gray denim). With the jacket watch for fit, it should be big enough to cover your layers, but snug enough to accentuate your shape (which I know you work so hard on).

Black jeans are you new best friend. I know we’ve already discussed color (and therapy options on how to adjust), but I saved the best shade for last: black. My love affair with them hasn’t been long, but man did they put out fast. Black jeans are the perfect combination of effortlessness and edginess. Bottom line: your bros will be jealous that you’re getting the eye from everyone at da club, and your boss will be impressed that you managed to look professionally hip (he’s old, he says hip) without looking like a boy in blue jeans.  

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