Thursday, September 20, 2012

Men in black

Today's topic is a no-brainer: the simplest yet most effective color a guy can wear... black.

It’s universally cool. There’s a reason black can be worn at times so somber as a funeral to show subtlety and respect, and also to look bold and sexy. It’s the undisputed king of the fashion color palate. Though there have been countless attempts at dethronement (you’ve heard the term “the new black,” right guys?) no other hue seems to have conquered the timelessness and the down right sexiness that comes in the form of a black leather jacket or some fresh black jeans. Now many of you might be a little afraid of black. Maybe you’re still thinking it’s 2005 and only goths or emos (ugh, the worst word to describe any type of style), rock this shade, but it’s time to sack up and forget about all that. Wearing black has the power to make you both understatedly sleek AND the most striking guy in the room.

Black staples. If you’re a guy who feels comfy in a yellow polo and a pair of red chinos first of all let me commend you for being bold, but more importantly let me hold your hand (in a non creepy way) as we enter into the world of dark duds. Get started by taking your most worn pieces and get them in black. Boots, jeans, polos, blazers (trust me, you’ll wear one some day) are your easiest and most effective first black items.

Black goes with everything. And I mean everything. Worried those black boots don’t match your gray jeans? They do. Wondering whether a dark sweater and light khaki pants work together? Absolutely. Still confused on if your all black-studded belt looks gnarly with you black-and-white panda bear animal hat? In that case I’m confused on who raised you, but the answer is still yes.  

Break up your look. Much like how the infamous “Canadian Tuxedo” results in middle school levels of ridicule for whomever chooses to sport it, the same applies for wearing all black. Maybe you’re thinking “but wait, my girlfriend looks so hot when she’s –“ and that’s when I cut you off like Gotye’s ex-girlfriend. There needs to be some change in color or hue to break up the darkness or else you look like that twitchy guy on the bus listening to screaming clowns on repeat. If you’re feeling especially dark one day and just need to wear all black, go for it, just remember to mix the tones (i.e. dark black jeans with a light black/gray t-shirt looks great). But never, ever combine a black dress shirt/tie/dress-pant ensemble, unless of course you’re running from human society to go live with some bats.

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