Friday, April 11, 2014

Why the Butt Double?

Ladies, I love you, but I’m done seeing your boobs everywhere. In movies, on magazine stands, and on late night TV, I search to see naked dudes, but it’s like a corn maze where every wrong turn just leads to naked girls. Now, I’m not here to make a case against female nudity, but just to openly petition for more naked men in the media.  

I’ve never gotten why men are so down to boast about their dicks, but suddenly turn Victorian when it comes to showing em off.

J Lo just shot a music video where she objectified men by making them do what video vixens have done for centuries: wash cars, sip drinks, shake their asses- all while barely naked. She said the director, who’s male, was clearly feeling uncomfortable shooting the men doing such unnatural acts, which meant she was doing something right. But, why was he so uncomfortable?

One obvious reason is that we as a society are uncomfortable with consuming the male body, consuming it in the superficial fashion we’re conditioned to do with female bodies. But I refuse to believe that’s the only issue.

I just don’t understand why in 2014 men are so unwilling to pose or act nude. Is it because they don’t have to or they’re afraid to? Is it our obsession with the mythical big dick? We want every man built like a stallion, and yet most show up a little short? Or is it that naked men just aren’t as profitable as naked women?

I wish I knew the answers. All I know is that if I’m living in a world where the producers of Game of Thrones are using a butt double for John Snow, and not for any of the female actresses, we have a problem.

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