Thursday, November 15, 2012

How to look good without really trying (in the Winter)

As we head into the cooler months our bodies start feeling the familiar chill that tells us summer is officially dead. We go from insane love affair to long-distance relationship with the sun for the next few months ( when you can, miss you already babe!). Essentially winter is the time where most of us stop giving a shit. We get lazy, and our worst fear of looking a little flabby in swim trunks turns into praying we don’t see last weekend’s hookup in old sweats. But guys, this is no time to lose all the style cred you’ve spent months working for! There are ways to look good with minimal effort.

Sweatshirts. If there’s anything that confuses me more than guys wearing rec t-shirts and cargo shorts it’s guys wearing rec t-shirts and cargo shorts in the SNOW. If I’m looking at you and feeling all pneumonia-y then it is too damn cold for you to be covering only half of your body. A simple solution (besides maybe a winter coat?) is a sweatshirt. No, I don’t mean one with your middle school emblem and an old mustard (please be mustard) stain, I mean something with a little bit more of an authentic flair. Buy one with a cool design, favorite band, hell- even your favorite color. Throw it over some jeans and go.

Layering. If you have a spare moment in the morning, which I know is rare, this is your option. Start with a t-shirt, add a cardigan (it’s 2012 everyone owns them now, ok), a hoodie, and finally if you’re feeling extra daring, a jacket. You’ll walk into the world feeling both warm and stylish, and the world will smile back (mainly because you’re not wearing a black north face for the seventh day in a row). Literally, all I’m advising you to do is put multiple articles of clothing on to look good. It’s that simple guys!

Accessories. One Christmas in high school I freaked out about having only white socks (it was a #dark moment) and begged my mother for “cool” socks. Long story short I’m now a proud father of over 20 random pairs of socks with every imaginable pattern, all of which are super thick and work out perfectly in the cold months. Socks, gloves, hats, and scarves all get their moment in the sun come wintertime, so don them often and fool people into thinking you put thought into your half-assed ensemble!

Pajamas. If you thought I was going to advise wearing sleep wear on the streets, go get your head examined. I cannot even fathom how rock bottom one must be to ever even consider wearing pajamas outside of their home. Listen, taking off your pajamas and putting on a real pair of pants in the morning takes maybe 30 seconds. And trust me, when you run into your crush wearing anything other than your fuzzy red SpongeBob PJ’s, you’ll be more than happy you made the effort.


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