Thursday, October 11, 2012

Interview with a Manpurse

In the world of men’s fashion there is no figure more up and coming or controversial than the man purse. Often met with fear, confusion, and sometimes hate, the “murse” has gone from a ladies-only item to a unisex superstar. This week I was lucky enough to score an interview with this polarizing accessory.

DM Thanks so much for sitting down with me today. I know you’ve had a pretty busy schedule lately.

MP At this point balancing a Vogue photo shoot and co-hosting The View is just a normal day, you know?   

DM Wow, you really are all over the place right now. 

MP (Laughs.) Just on the arms of women everywhere and every guy in Italy/NYC! There’s nowhere to go but up at this point.

DM So happy for all your success! Of course, in this industry you never know. One day you’re on the cover of GQ and the next you’re at the bottom of a Good Will bin just praying some eclectic-dressing eighth grader will find you.

MP *silence*

DM Moving on… so right now girls love you, guys love you, what’s your secret? Why the sudden transition into the men’s world?  

MP I guess people just like having something to carry their shit in?  I do owe a lot to the heterosexual movement. (Laughs). All jokes aside, I knew once the larger menswear designers started showing me in their collections, other guys would start to catch on.

DM My thoughts exactly, I’ve been rocking a black leather bag for a year now, it’s like my adopted baby.

MP Work it babe! I mean come on it’s 2012 for Balenciaga’s sake. The jeans are tighter than ever and men are carrying around more than just their wallet these days. Guys are finally starting to rock the best accessory (sorry hair-feather extensions) in the fashion world. They’re realizing bags aren’t just for girls anymore.

DM That brings me to my next question, which might be a sensitive subject.

MP *Looks nervously at publicist. Receives a nod of approval* I think I know what you’re going to ask, go ahead.

DM A lot of your naysayers have called the men that carry you “ridiculously feminine,” “gay,” and even “Kurt from Glee.” How have you dealt with the scrutiny?

MP Well at first I got a LOT of slack from backpacks... they were really defensive over losing their "spot" as the top carrying case for men. But I thought…no, I KNEW, with perseverance I’d break into the men’s market.

DM Do you think your new popularity has anything to do with changing social ideals? The separation of associating fashionable men and homosexuality, for example...

MP Sweetie I’m a purse not a philosopher. But if I’m understanding the question correctly, than yes. Men today aren’t as worried about being seen as feminine just because they’re fashionable. Great style translates to great confidence. Look to celebrities: Joe Jonas walks around in leather tights and a Gucci clutch and only some no one is questioning his orientation!

DM What’s big this season in man bags? What would you suggest for a guy buying his first murse?

MP Well this year leather is huge. Black obviously, but even grays and browns have been everywhere. I’d suggest an over-the-shoulder strap. Be it a messenger bag or a two handle plus strap combo, the one shoulder look is a first step away from the look of a back pack, which we’re trying to avoid here.

DM You’ve been really great. I guess the only question is what’s next?

MP My dream is that one day women – and men – everywhere can express themselves with a great bag. (Or to be on the next season of Dancing with the Stars, whichever comes first.)    

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