Monday, September 10, 2012


Girls. Guys. Money. Power. Did I grab your attention guys? If you’re the average twenty something male I’m hoping I did, because I’ve been told those are what you’re after. Now I bet you’re wondering just how I can help you have all of these things. The answer is simple: great style. DON’T RUN!

I promise you, having style isn’t scary, having a fashion sense doesn’t make you flamboyant, and knowing what tie to wear with your button-up isn’t rocket science. The goal here is for me to try my hardest to help you improve your personal style little by little until you start looking the part of the awesome dude you are.

Listen, this doesn’t happen over night. I’m not a style ~God~ and I don’t look amazing every day of my life. I slack off, I wear athletic gear to class (sometimes), and my hair is usually (always) straight bed head. But remember: style isn’t what you wear, but HOW you wear. It’s as personal as religion and as serious as a world war (kidding, but only a little). It should be a giant part of who you are, and now – the time where we as twenty somethings are maturing the most – is the time to develop your style.

So guys, take a breath, take a seat and take five minutes every so often (daily is my personal reccomentation) to read “Der Mann.” Your closet, your significant other, and your mother will be glad you did.  

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